Sweet & Premium Wines Pokolbin

You need not be a billionaire in order to appreciate and enjoy the taste of wine. Appreciating fine wine will definitely prove to be an intimidating experience at the first level. But due to skyrocketing prices, tasting the same seems to be a hard nut to crack. But at Lambloch Estate, you need not hold a heavy pocket to enjoy the taste of Pokolbin ciders. Here we will be offering you the finest quality item at reasonable rate so that you may further build an appreciation for fine wine.

Get the Best Wine at Reasonable Rate

Shed off the feeling of giving away wines! The word of wine is full of a plethora of choices to taste the astonishing gifts of the nature. In other words, numerous flavours of Pokolbin sweet wines are waiting to get discovered.  Gone are those days when you had no other alternate to drink the rarely found and high rated wines! Instead we have brought to you several wines that hold high calibre available at affordable range. If you are having difficulty in fetching quality wines at an affordable range, we at Pokolbin are waiting for you.

Tasting of wine has been recognized to be a highly sophisticated practice. Thus you need to follow a specific etiquette wherever you are.  At Pokolbin Winery, we do not implement such hard and fast rule. Instead we provide a homely atmosphere where you may carry n with the activity of tasting a plethora of wines the way you like. Our highly cooperative staff members are always in a ready position to suggest you the most popular and recently introduced wines so that your visit to us proves to be a fruitful one.

Quench the Thirst of Your Valuable Guests

There are many interesting things to do in Pokolbin winery! Here you may easily enjoy a wine tasting party with your nearest and dearest one so that you may have a good time. We will facilitate you a room where you may freely enjoy your gathering. No need to rush your guests at the time of tasting wine as doing so may make them feel uncomfortable. At Lambloch Estate, you will be provided with a water bottle so that you may easily rinse your mouth after tasting wine.

This will make your next tasting an enjoyable activity thus preventing tainting. Also, water will be helpful to quench the thirst of your guests. Pokolbin primary wines are free from any sort of synthetics and artificial flavour. Get the genuine item at reasonable rate!

Some of the award winning premium wines that you may feel to taste at our shop includes:

  • Silkman wines
  • Lakes Folly
  • Audrey Wilkinson
  • Scarborough wines and many more.

We provide wines with respect to all seasons. No need to think twice prior coming here as you will be getting the best item here. Feel free to contact us anytime so that we may book a table for you. Lastly, wines have been considered to among the best beverage after having a heavy meal. Come and explore the gigantic world of super class wines!