Sweet & Premium Wines Broke Road

If somebody asks you to name the highly fascinating drinks among people today, then definitely your answer will be none other than wine. It is a high quality alcoholic beverage that is prepared from the juice of fermented grapes. We take into usage various types of grapes to prepare wines comprising of variable flavours. Along with grapes, at Lambloch Estate, you will definitely get an opportunity to taste premium wines on Broke Road that are prepared using other fresh fruits that include apples, berries and many more.

Why to Go to Winery on Broke Road?

At our winery on Broke Road, we prepare barley and rice wine by taking into usage starched materials thus resembling beer and spirit more than a wine. Sometimes ginger wine gets fortified with brandy to enjoy at the best. Rather than serving as an alcoholic content, our wines are considered to be fresh fruit juices. Drinking of wine is considered to be one of the most aristocratic choices to represent oneself. Come and enjoy the fresh quality wine at wholesale rate! We like to serve customers at the best and expect them to come back to us again!

Our experts prepare more than one varieties of ciders on Broke Road by taking into usage:

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Gamay
  • Merlot

We strive hard to keep on experimenting in order to bring you something new each and every time. It is for sure that you will definitely prefer giving a trial to sweet wines on Broke Road that are duly prepared from a wide variety of hybrid grapes. Those grapes are obtained by undergoing through the process of genetic cross breeding. Some of the wide varieties of grapes taken into usage by us include the following:

  • Viti labrusca
  • Vitis aestivalis
  • Vitis ropestris
  • Vitis riparia
  • Vitis rotundifolia and many more.

At our wineries on Broke Road we prefer the method of grafting as a common practice as our vineyards are devoid of any sort of devastating pests. People generally fear taking wines due to the probability of pests into the items that contribute in their manufacturing. We assure that after taking our wines, nobody will suffer from any sort of health issues. Even children may also enjoy our wines as they are free from any type of addictive elements. We repeat our wines are in actual fruit juice that is preferred by almost all.

Enjoy Here At the Fullest

There are numerous things to do on Broke Road winery. You may celebrate the birthday party of yours by inviting some friends and have a good time here. We will be providing you an extremely decorated room where you will be enjoying with gusto without any hesitation. Our staff members will always be there to serve you the best collection of wines to enjoy at the best. Your tour to our winery will never ever go in vain as you will get yourself immersed into the world of innovation.

It will be our pleasure to get into touch with you 24*7. Your satisfaction is our motivation. So we will keep no stone unturned to serve you the best. Come and enjoy a wide collection of wines at the fullest.